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V2.41 build1036

ViewSavF is a PC program, it can view the save files created from AS400(iSeries) . It can show you the objects description which were saved in the savf. You can view and export the data of physical files,


V2.41 - Remove some bugs,List the members of physical file
V2.40 - Compatible with Vista
          Automatic set View Window in difference Languages and Fonts!
          new register mechanism!
V2.30 - Add functions for RISC Machine:
          Retrieve the values from Data Area.
          Retrieve the source from the CLP program which compiled with RTVCLSRC allowed.
V2.20 - add nation Languages checking.
v2.00 - for register Version & Supports Globe Languages
V1.40 - Pick out member to .doc .txt .xls
v1.00 - Original



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 Work with Journal FilesIt is Free now!.

The Work with Journaled Files (WRKJRNF) Command Work with the journaled files in the specified journal. This command allows start journal files or end journaled files, also can Restart journal files.

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It is Free now!.

The Convert Spooled File to Html Web (CVTSPLWEB) Command copies the data lines in the specified spooled file to a user-specified HTML file.This conversion allows use of spooled files in the Web and browse them with IE or Netscape. Support DBCS.
?If your IFS is Windows95/98/NT/2000/XP, you can type 'CHCP' MS-DOS command in MS-DOS command line to get the IFS code page. See the feature

Last Updated ( Sunday, 28 June 2009 13:47 )


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Report400 is a Spooled Files management system in a WEB Server. It can synchronize the spooled files from several AS400s to this web server. Your employees and custmoers can view or print the spooled files via IE. The spooled files can be in PDF,TXT...format. All the users in this system are set as roles, and each kind of roles has its authorization to view the spooled files which are allowed.


v1.00 - Original

Spooled Files Synchronization Server:

Synchronize the spooled files

Spooled Files management:


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