by Julian Wong

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  • Default font size
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  • green color
  • blue color



V2.41 build1036

ViewSavF is a PC program, it can view the save files created from AS400(iSeries) . It can show you the objects description which were saved in the savf. You can view and export the data of physical files,


V2.41 - Remove some bugs,List the members of physical file
V2.40 - Compatible with Vista
          Automatic set View Window in difference Languages and Fonts!
          new register mechanism!
V2.30 - Add functions for RISC Machine:
          Retrieve the values from Data Area.
          Retrieve the source from the CLP program which compiled with RTVCLSRC allowed.
V2.20 - add nation Languages checking.
v2.00 - for register Version & Supports Globe Languages
V1.40 - Pick out member to .doc .txt .xls
v1.00 - Original